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Joseph Manley, a blue-collar worker from Idaho, loses his job during the 2009 economic recession. A strange turn of events sets him off on a road trip to seek out the fictional sitcom families from Good Times and All in the Family.

Haunted inns, abandoned houses, catastrophic weather, quirky couples, gangs, hippies, soldiers, loving dads, strong mothers—even an intuitive stray dog await Joe on his journey. This adventurous tale about a disenchanted man longing for a happier life in a simpler time is also a story about loss, forgiveness, and how the many random lives we encounter each day affect each other. Will he find the Evans and Bunker families—or something else? (224 pp.)

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A great gift for anyone who remembers the way Glen Miller played.

Rook is a master of nostalgia. His style evokes Mitch Albom's "The Five People You Meet in Heaven." The supporting characters are vivid and charmingly memorable. The narrative is fun and adventurous, filled with unlikely coincidences building to a climax that gratifies with no loose ends. He plays masterfully with the breakneck pace and the reader's emotions in this tale of a disenchanted man seeking a less complicated life. Subtle references to classic television shows and toys give vivid immediacy to the memories he invokes. A perfect gift for anyone old enough to remember "All In the Family," and "Good Times." -- Trevor John (Actor/Producer)

In Search of Good Times, and.....I found them.

Although I don't read much fiction, tending to get my stories at the theater or on HBO, I opted to take on this book. Glad I did. A thoroughly enjoyable story about a guy who's down on his luck...heard it before, right? Well, there is quite an interesting backstory that makes this one a bit different. You will follow Joe, the previously named guy down on his luck, on a quirky journey across the country finding a myriad of colorful characters along the way. Victor Rook does a masterful job of painting a picture with his words of every scene in the book. Makes you feel like you are standing next to Joe every step of the way. Won't give away the backstory or the intriguing twist at the end that brings it all together...but, what I will say is that if you are looking for a whimsical ride with many references to your adolesence, teen years and beyond, you will have a fantastic time reading this book. -- Kevin D. McKeever

Could not put this book down!

Once you get into reading this book, you will not want to put it down. It is fast paced and witty with little stories and adventures along the way. I had to put it down once, then just kept on reading. We all have been affected by the economy these past few years, and this book tells a goodhearted story of travels along the way. The ending is also pleasant and emotional. It is an A+ read. If you are 40-70 age bracket, you will really enjoy reading this book. More human and touching also than most books these days. -- Constance