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Bringing clarity and understanding to our own dysfunctional lives, award-winning filmmaker Victor Rook recounts his childhood, teenage, and middle-aged years through both humorous and poignant recollections. These short stories cover life's gamut: dreams, sex, innocence, religion, music, pets, ghosts, aging, and more. Like Augusten Burroughs' Possible Side Effects and A Wolf at the Table in one entertaining book. (214 pp.)
Includes these 51 short stories
Scrapbooking for Dysfunctional Families
Santa Claus and Sex
Crazy Kid Stuff
Pee Dreams and Padlocks
The Wrench and the Cap
My Swivel Sweeper Moment
Fisher-Price Camera
Head Over Heels for a New Bicycle
Shell Collection and Ocean View Park
A Shitty Story
Clean Your Plate
For the Love of Dogs
Evil-looking People
The Basement
Tastee Freez Times Three
The Beatings
Pennies from Hell
Somewhere Over the Bus Stop
Butterfly Innocence

Gym Class and Naked Showers
Old Music
Car Washes
Houseplants and Terrariums
Am I Smarter than an Eighth-Grader?
Bad Boys
Church and Religion
Sexual Identity
High School Days
Finding Something to Do
Sucky Jobs
The Happy Cigarette
Crazy Thoughts
My Escape
Down Home
Sexual Awakening
My Mother, My Sister, and Their Dogs
The Ghost Intruder
Crappy Friends
Mother's Day
A Year Younger

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Other books and videos by Victor Rook: Musings of a Dysfunctional Life, Beyond the Garden Gate,
and Calmness of Woods are also available on Amazon.com. Contact: vic@victorrook.com

Coming of Age in your 40s - A Summer Must-Read!

Funny, heartbreaking, and heart-warming, this is an Everyman's adult coming of age journey from adolescence to middle age. Musings of a Dysfunctional Life unfolds with the precise timing of an amusement park ride through an average guy's dysfunctional life. Rook deftly blends laugh out loud humor with compelling tension in his adult struggle with changing fortune, freedom and success. Reading excerpts from the author's website does not prepare you for the emotional impact of the succession of stories. This fast read leaves indelible impressions: hilarious evil looking babies, the beauty of a Monarch butterfly and the loss of innocence. This book will resonate with parents and adults who were children of divorce or alcoholics. -- John Trevor

I loved this book! Thank you Victor for taking me back to my childhood as well so I could relive once again many of the fun times during a simpler time in life. I found it touching, warm and very entertaining to say the least! -- Tony Smith

Could not put this book down!

I received Musings of a Dysfunctional Life yesterday in the mail and read it the same night. The book flows. And in that flow the author, Victor Rook, tugs on all of your emotions. You'll laugh out loud on his views and opinions about some of the small things in life that we forget or never really took the time to think about. The next thing you know as he opens up about his early family life you find yourself sad and sometimes angry at the thoughtlessness and downright meanness of some of the people in his life. I've read autobiographies and books about peoples lives before and never felt any difference. Not so with this book. The author is so open and honest with his feelings and thoughts that you go from not knowing Victor Rook to wishing he lived in your hometown so you could get together and just chat about ..well...anything. -- Michael

True to Heart Must Read

Highly recommended reading! This is personal musings at its best that tells it all. This book will take you from a small town in New York to Virginia, North Carolina and back to New York and then to D.CÖ One minute you are riding amusement rides and another chapter here comes the spider scares. How about being broke down in a snow storm and walking to a neighbors house that doesnít want you to stay there, and sends you on the way with another pair of boots to continue your travel. Throw in an abusive alcoholic father, and later a sensual awakening and you donít want to put the book down. This is just the tip of the ice, as I donít want to give it all away. To top it off, these musings are real and told from the heart. Excellent!!!

 Very Good Read

I would give this book an A++. The art of writing about oneself, whether it be good times or bad times in your life can be very difficult. This book was very well written and very interesting. There are many grown people, male and female that can really relate to the trials and tribulations while living with their parents. Who knows what the parents lived before we came. Vic Rook is not alone, a lot of happy and sad things happen to good people. This is a must read.