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"Clever, funny, shocking, and cheerfully vindictive."

-Tom Shales, Pulitzer prize-winning TV and film critic

The year is 2021 and people are fed up. Thirty percent of the population must go. The World Order Alliance allows "selective" homicides to reestablish a more peaceful society. A few of the targets: Bad Drivers, Obnoxious Cell Phone Users, Spammers, Internet Trolls, Black Friday Shoppers, Litterbugs, Horrible Bosses, and more. (200 pp.)


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This book is totally awesome! Very well-written...

I have to tell you that this book is totally awesome! Very well written and I can truly say that there are many out there who have, at one time or another, had the same diabolical thoughts about the most irritating and inconsiderate people! I love that it is futuristic and that it could really happen! Pretty scary - makes me want to be a good girl! You have to read these short stories. Pretty soon - we will be watching the movie version I am sure! Tricia 5 stars!- Amazon review

Striking a responsive ringtone: smart satire snaps and crackles

Though obviously united by a theme, every story in the "People Who Need to Die" series is different from the others, yet all are worth reading. You don't even have to hate cell phones -- you may not go anywhere without yours -- to find "Cell Phonies" smart & satisfying. Rook takes us ahead in time (to 2021) while acknowledging we can't go back in time to un-invent this modern menace/godsend/irritant/necessity. We may be able to do something about serial abusers -- if only in our dreams -- and this is one man's diabolical dream of sweet revenge, a ferocious & funny fantasy bound to strike many a responsive chord, and some responsive ringtones, too. Write on, Mr Rook.  -Amazon review for short "Cell Phonies."

Recommend especially to the adventurous reader

Another entertaining & edifying entry in Rook's "People Who Need to Die" series, "Bad Drivers" has a structure unique from the others -- more of a traditional narrative, dark and bleakly comic, with the twists and turns and unexpected hazards of a back country road. It would be unfair to the author and his fans to divulge details, but the story is cleverly plotted and has no trouble holding your attention right through to the ending. Rook is really onto something with this group of books, something deliciously sinister, perhaps a tad perverse, and very skillfully executed. Recommended especially to the adventurous reader. -Amazon review for short "Bad Drivers."

Five Stars

Excellent read! Very well written, and humorous. -Amazon review for short "Bad Drivers."